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De Era BioProtein Facial Mask Intensive Hydrating (1 Piece)



De Era Bioprotein Face Mask is the perfect way to rejuvenate your skin to give it a youthful natural glow. It contains BioXsome™️ that is packed with high-quality bioproteins particularly Fibroblast Growth Factor 2 (FGF2) which has excellent properties in repairing and regenerating skin by increasing skin elasticity and hydration and decreasing the depth of wrinkles and pigmentation.

迪丽雅胶原蛋白面膜是让肌肤恢复青春活力、焕发自然光彩的完美方法。它含有 BioXsome™️,蕴含优质生物蛋白,尤其是成纤维细胞生长因子 2 (FGF2),在修复和再生肌肤方面具有卓越功效,能增强肌肤弹性和水合作用,减少皱纹深度和色素沉淀。


It is formulated with other supremely hydrating ingredients that infuse easily into your skin. The use of active ingredients that is produced with nanotechnology further enhances the hydrating properties of the active ingredients by penetrating deeper into the skin. Feel the marked difference in smoothness and suppleness of your skin after application!



Benefits 优点:

• Promotes faster regeneration of the skin flora and restoration of the skin barrier



• Immediately and deeply rehydrates dry skin



• Enhances skin elasticity and firmness



Our main active ingredients



Bioprotein 生物蛋白

Powered by innovative proprietary process, our high quality bioprotein, notably fibroblast growth factors, are clinically suitable to provide the best skin regeneration results.



Black BeeOme 黑蜂蜂蜜活性物

An elixir that promotes faster regeneration of the skin flora and restoration of the skin barrier. In addition, fermented black bee honey reduces sebum production and improve the uniformity of oily and uneven facial skin. It is designed for the recovery of the individual skin microflora after stress which results in a healthy, exceptionally clear skin.



Polyfructol Plus 聚果醇

A highly concentrated solution of the plant-based oligosaccharide inulin which is combined with lecithin derived liposomes that efficiently improve skin hydration, enhances skin elasticity and firmness.



Panthenol 泛醇

Panthenol is valued for its moisturizing properties with good anti-inflammatory effects, soothes irritated and sensitive skin. It also helps to maintain a healthy skin, by balancing stem cell renewal and cell differentiation.



Glycerin 甘油

A wonder ingredient with moisture locking property and the ability to reduce trans epidermal water loss (TEWL). It improves skin barrier function and protects against skin irritants.



How to use 如何使用:


Treatment Frequency: Apply once a week for optimum result.

护理频率: 每周使用一次,以达到最佳效果。


Licensed by the Malaysian Ministry of Health (with LCP approved), we offer an extensive menu of cosmetic procedures, aesthetic treatments, and health services to enable you to attain perfection in beauty, health and wellness.

我们拥有马来西亚卫生部颁发的执照(已获得 LCP 批准),提供广泛的美容程序、美学治疗和保健服务,让您实现完美的美丽、健康和保健。

De Era BioProtein Facial Mask Intensive Hydrating (1 Piece)

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