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迪丽雅保湿补水+高级防晒凝胶 防晒系数50 UVA/UVB 波段 保护率+++++

DeSkinz Aqua Gel + Sunscreen SPF50 UVA UVB Protection Ratio+++++



Advance Protection Sunscreen (Paraben Free)






DeSkinz Aqua-Gel + Sunscreen is an advanced broad-spectrum sunscreen offering the ultimate sun protection with the added benefit of a highly effective moisturizer.


It's also enriched with an intelligent depigmentant which helps to reduce the number and intensity of spots while even out skin tone homogeneously and uniformly. Its lightweight and soothing formulation makes it suitable for daily routine. An ideal choice to protect and preserve healthy glowing skin.



For Kids, Women, Men



For All Skin Types


*50 克(1.01 盎司)

50g (1.01 fl.oz.)

DeSkinz Aqua-Gel+ Advanced Protection Sunscreen (SPF50)

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